Tournament Rules

Code Blue Golf Tournament Rules


SCRAMBLE GOLF: Players are allowed to improve their lie by one club length through the green, except hazards. In cases the team’s best shot falls on a hazard such as sand or water, they are forced to play from the location without moving.

During the tournament, all four members of a team start by teeing off on each hole before deciding on the best tee through a consensus. The captain often decides on the best shot, which mostly entails the longest dive on the fairway. After determining the spot for the second stroke, it is marked for visibility.

Each golfer will then hit his/her ball from one chosen place and proceed likewise until the lowest score for the hole is achieved. The process will then begin anew on the next hole until the end of the round with score determined by hitting the hole.

Only one ball, and thus one score counts per hole for each team. The best score for each hole is added up before determining the rating of a scramble team from the total of the best shots. The team with the lowest total score for the round wins the scramble tournament.

If teams have a tie from the scramble gold, the organizers draw a random hole number and use a team’s lowest score in that hole to determine the winner.


Teams consist of four players. Two teams will be assigned to each hole to begin the tournament by golf course personnel. After completion of the first assigned hole, teams will advance to the next numbered hole until all 18 are played.


Men will tee off from the rear or blue tee box at each hole and women will tee off from the forward or red tee box.


A Mulligan is a “do-over” shot and a Grenade is a ball “throw-in”. Tickets may be purchase for $10.00 each or three for $25.00. Each golfer may use up to three Mulligans and three Grenades during the tournament. Each tickets may only be used once and the score card shall reflect an M for Mulligan or G for Grenade next to the hole number where it was used.


Hole #15 has a river between the tee and fairway. The Speed Ball Option allows for a ball drop over river at $20.00 per team. Tickets can be purchased for this at the hole.


Hole #1 – Straightest Drive – Men and Women

Hole #6 – Closest to the Pin (first shot)

Hole #18 – Longest Drive – Men and Women

Mulligans and Grenades may be used on contest holes for overall score, but they do not count towards a player’s score to win a contest hole. For example, a player cannot use a Grenade ticket after the first stroke to advance the ball closer to the pin to win the Hole #6 contest.


Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.


Players or spectators found to be intoxicated, in violation of course/tournament rules, falsifying scorecards, or engaging in inappropriate behavior are subject to removal from the grounds. Pecan Valley Golf Course is a licensed premise where alcoholic beverages may be purchased and consumed. All individuals are responsible for their own actions. The Code Blue Golf Tournament and Charity Golf Outings Inc. bear no responsibility.